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ZLD - Zero Liquid Discharge Plant

Zero Liquid Discharge Manufacturers in India

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plants are now necessary in the modern world. The ZLD plant is a cutting-edge technology that reduces liquid waste from industrial operations and transforms it into solids that can be securely disposed of without harming the environment and clean water for reuse. By-products created during the process can potentially be recovered and sold to generate additional revenue.

Methods or processes that aid in water recycling and waste reduction are currently essential across all industrial fields. The Zero Liquid Discharge Systems made by Pinakin Technology Solutions come into play in this situation. We created highly effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly zero liquid discharge systems as a result of our passion for excellence, methodical approach, and understanding of the expanding environmental issues. We are dedicated to provide our clients with the best zero liquid discharge plant based on their needs and applications.

zero liquid discharge plant in India

Zero Liquid Discharge Exporters in India

Our zero liquid discharge plant have the capacity to transform industrial effluent into potable water. The reuse of the treated wastewater in various industrial settings decreases waste generation and benefits the environment.

In addition to helping industry recycle waste water, this technology also treats and recovers valuable products from waste streams, including gypsum, sodium sulphate, potassium sulphate, and caustic soda. By recovering valuable products from its effluent, such as nickel chromium, etc., zero liquid discharge technology also plays a significant role in lowering production costs for the automotive sectors.

Working of Zero Liquid Discharge Plant

  • Step 01 : First, COD, TSS, oil and grease, and CO2 are removed from effluent in the ZLD Plant.
  • Step 02 : To raise the effluent concentration, the treated effluent is subsequently supplied to an evaporation facility. For usage in other industrial applications, fresh water that was collected from the evaporator can be employed.
  • Step 03 : The concentrated effluent is supplied to a spray dryer, an agitated thin film drier, a centrifuge, or a crystallizer at the end of the process to transform the slurry effluent into powder or solid form for disposal.