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Bag Filter Cyclone

Bag Filter Cyclone in India

Cyclones are the work horses in the field of dust removal. Versatile, robust, durable and low maintenance. As one of the few in the industry we design cyclones that are 100% suitable for your specific application. Prior to constructing a cyclone we conduct numerous calculations, and if necessary practical tests in order to determine the optimal design of a cyclone, taking into account your wishes and requirements regarding dust emission, energy consumption, service life, etc.

Over the years cyclones have been considered mainly as pre-separators. However, nowadays it is possible to obtain high separation efficiencies with cyclones as well. Thus the field of operation for cyclones has become much wider than previously. And, with multi-cyclones it is even possible to obtain a much higher separation resulting in a dust emission less than 5 mg/Nm³, without back filter.

Multi-cyclones are therefore now also useful as final separator:

  • for a high dust- or material content, also for light materials
  • to separate liquids, greasy substances, (oil) vapor and moist dust
  • as a pre-separator for bulk material
  • At high temperatures
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