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FC With OSLO Crystalizer

Advantage of OSLO Crystalizer

  1. Allow steady operation
  2. Long operating cycles
  3. Low Maintaince
  4. Reducing the formation of encrustation typical of traditional Osto Crystallizers
  5. Operating cost much low while producing large and coarse particles
FC With OSLO Crystalizer

Special Application

1. Oslo Crystallizer is used when particles with very large size are required

2. Oslo Crystallizer are of mostly closed type but open types are considered when the required settling areas are very large / for construction when high cost materials are required

3. Ammonium Bromide

4. Ammonium Chloride

5. Ammonium Sulphate

6. Ammonium Nitrate

7. Calcium Chloride

8. Calcium Sulphate

9. Potassium Chloride

10. Potassium Nitrate

11. Potassium Sulphate

12. Silver Nitrate

13. Sodium Chloride

14. Sodium Nitrate

15. Sodium Nitrite

16. Sodium Sulphate

17. Sodium Thiosulphate

18. Sodium Sulphite

19. Hydrated Mono Sodium Glutamate

20. Mono Ammonium Phasphate (MAP)

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