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Zero Liquid Discharge System Manufacturers

Zero Liquid Discharge Plant in India

Pinakin Technology is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Zero Liquid Discharge Plant in India. Zero Liquid Discharge is a water treatment process in which wastewater is treated, purified and recycled. This process eliminates liquid discharge from industry and reduces possibility of pollution. We are committed to offering a huge range of Zero Liquid Discharge Plant to our customer as per their need and applications. The offered range of ZLD system is used in various industries such as pharmaceutical, textile, chemical, automobile, food and beverages, paper and pulp, dying industries and many more.

    Features of ZLD – Zero Liquid Discharge System

  • User friendly
  • Easily accessible
  • Needs minimum space and manpower
  • Highly effective and efficient
zero liquid discharge plant in India
ZLD Water Treatment Plant in India

ZLD Water Treatment Plant

ZLD Water Treatment Plants are an innovative solution to the growing challenge of water paucity and pollution. Our ZLD Water Treatment Plants utilize advanced technologies to remove liquid waste discharge entirely, make sure that no water is released into environment without proper treatment. ZLD plants work as combination of processes such as reverse osmosis, evaporation, crystallization, and other filtration methods to attain maximum water recovery and minimize environmental impact.

By treating wastewater to the point where all contaminants are eliminated and valuable resources like clean water and salts are recovered, ZLD plants offer a viable and eco-friendly solution for industries, municipalities, and communities worldwide. Our most advanced ZLD Water Treatment Plant have more than 98% water recovery. We have successfully absorbed most updated technologies and come up with best results. Zero Liquid Discharge Water is best way to treat the liquid waste from the water and also it could be a best solutions for the environment.

Benefits of zld Water Treatment Plant:

  • Eliminates pollution discharge
  • Almost 98% good water recovery
  • Improves water recycling efficiency
  • reduction of reliance on source agency for water delivery

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    ZLD Technology

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • ZLD Water Softener
  • RO and Microfiltration Treatment

    Zero Discharge Process

  • ZLD Pretreatment Stage
  • ZLD recycle water stage
  • ZLD Evaporation Stage