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Cooling Crystallizer Technology

Cooling Crystallizer Technology in India

Crystallizers are used to concentrate feed into solid crystals and clean water. Crystallization is a solid-liquid separation technique in which solid crystals are formed from a liquid solution. Crystallizers can eliminate liquid wastes to create zero liquid discharge (ZLD). Crystallization is divided into two stages: primary nucleation and secondary nucleation. Primary nucleation involves the growth of new crystals. Secondary nucleation grows crystals and is the main stage that causes the mass production of crystals. There are evaporative crystallization processes, and cooling crystallization processes.

Selecting crystallizers requires an analysis of application requirements. For example, a salt crystallizer processes brine and produces both solid salt crystals and clean water. A continuous cooling crystallizer (CCC) is used to crystallize other types of salts.

Crystallizers can either stand alone or be combined with other technologies, such as evaporators. Steam-driven evaporators remove water from a solution. During evaporation, a product is concentrated by boiling the solvent, generally water. A wastewater concentrator is a specific type of evaporator used to turn waste-saturated industrial wastewater into distilled water for reuse. A typical brine concentrator can recover 95 to 99% of wastewater for reuse.

Crystallizers are suitable for recovering salts from wastewater that can then be used or sold. In this way, a crystallizer maximizes waste stream usage and helps plants meet zero liquid discharge (ZLD) requirements.

Crystallizers are used in manufacturing, chemical processing, mining, power stations, and many other applications.

We possess the know-how and expertise for all types of crystallization equipment: with total or partial classification, involving the recirculation of the magma, with or without settling zones.

  • Forced Circulation Crystallizer
  • Cooling Crystallizers
  • Vacuum Crystallizers
  • Oslo Type Growth Crystallizer (classified-suspension crystallizer)
  • Evaporative crystallizers