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ETP in Paint Industry

Pinakin Technology Solution is leading ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) in Paint Industry are generally termed as mass storage of hazardous chemicals and further these are widely put in use for giving the final finishing paint to goods manufactured in a given facility. In the paint industry there arise effluent or wastewater disposal issue which is duly checked by our unique effluent treatment plant developed at paint industry which is built, installed and controlled by our versatile tech skill. These industry mainly consist of organic and inorganic pigments and dyestuffs extenders, cellulosic and non-cellulosic thickeners, latexes, emulsifying agents, and coalescing agents, so the wastewater is generally gained by cleaning operations of mixers reactors blenders, packing machines. Our Paint Industry Effluent Treatment Plant is highly chosen in the market because of its durable construction, high performance and long working life. One can acquire this Effluent Treatment Plant from us at minimal rate.

Paint Wastewater Treatment in Automobile industry

Pinakin – reputed supplier of Paint Wastewater Treatment in Automobile industry where the effluent contains chlorides, paint impurities which are used to give give paint to parts of two wheel and three wheel robot, mineral oil from the impurities of the coolant which is used in the workshop. The treatment of wastewater released by the paint industry includes steps such as filtration, sedimentation, decantation, flotation and osmosis separation. The automobile industry uses water for washing, rinsing and painting. The treatment of wastewater generated in the various stages of the automotive manufacturing process is carried out with an ETP or effluent treatment station. We are engaged in manufacturing water and wastewater treatment plants for automobile or automotive industries customized water purification systems for body paint shop.