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Agitated Thin Film Dryer (ATFD)

Agitated Thin Film Dryer Manufacturer

Welcome to Pinakin Technology Solution, where we are leading agitated thin film dryers and pilot plants (ATFD) manufacturer, supplier and exporter from Ahmedabad, India . We urge our customers to participate in trials so that they may verify the processed design. Our insightful engineers construct the comprehensive plan to scale up and manufacture the final product in accordance with the customer's requirements after carefully analyzing the pilot results. It could be one of the factors that explain why Pinakin has served as its clients' go-to resource for decades.

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ATFD Manufacturers in India

Agitated thin film dryers (ATFD) are frequently used to create dry, free-flowing powder in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food sectors. A continuous agitated contact drier known as a vertical thin film dryer may turn a suspension or solution into a dry powder. The agitated thin film evaporator, which was used to concentrate solutions, gave rise to this apparatus. The strong construction can handle different pastes and powders.
Scraped surface evaporators may handle liquid slurries or viscous pastes. For a variety of applications, including milk Khoa, chocolate concentration, sucrose concentration, wasted wash evaporation, and zero liquid discharge facilities, Pinakin Technology Solution provides agitated thin film dryer (ATFD).

Pharmacy businesses, textile industries, agrochemical industries, sugar industries, and effluent treatment facilities all frequently acquire our particularly manufactured ATFD.

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Agitated Thin Film Dryer Exporter

A updated device called ATFD is utilized to continuously transform concentrated materials into dry solids. It consists of a cylindrical, vertical body with a heating jacket inside, and a rotor with rows of pendulum blades that are the dryer's length. With the aid of the rotor's hinged blades, the wet feed is uniformly spread across the heated walls. High turbulence merely causes the water or solvent to evaporate, turning the liquid into slurry, cake, dry powder, or flex form. The condensate is collected in a condenser as the vapour climbs higher. For items that are sensitive to temperature, the system works under vacuum, and for natural drying, it works at room temperature.

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Features of ATFD

  • Our ATFD are made to fit goods that are sensitive to heat.
  • It may also be put on a skid as a vacuum dryer to improve mobility.
  • Efficient for items that require oxygen
  • Operation without air
  • Outstanding turndown ability
  • Because to the advanced bearings and shaft sealing components, maintenance is simple.
  • Very adaptable to different industry requirements

Applications of ATFD

The following are some more uses for thin film evaporators like ATFD in addition to addressing the particular demands of our clients:

  • Concentrating liquids with a high viscosity, such as oil, resins, salt solutions, and dirty water.
  • High-boiling material distillation with increased vacuum pressure
  • Create ongoing dry powder material
  • Taking volatile elements out of viscous goods
  • Improve the quality of your product by minimizing contaminants and removing thermal deterioration
  • More efficient product recovery
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